D2C brands can simplify marketing spends with Virtual Cards. Here’s how

By Aditya Gautam | December 13, 2022 | 3 min read

What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards, also often called virtual credit cards, are unique & digitally generated 16-digit credit card numbers that let you pay for all your SaaS subscriptions. You can use these numbers just as regular credit cards, with many added advantages that make it optimal for SaaS expense management. 

Don’t max out your personal credit card

As a D2C founder, you may often find your credit card maxed out by marketing expenses, and that may come as unwelcome surprise sometimes, especially when you have to make urgent transactions. By assigning virtual cards for marketing spending, you ensure that your personal card is never maxed out. 

Effortlessly control advertising expenses

Allocating several virtual cards to various ad networks such as Facebook and Google, you may streamline your digital spending and improve budgeting. It gives you a better view of how different platforms are working out for you because you know exactly how much you are spending where.