How Openers took on WFH with full force


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We Never Settle – This is one of the mantras Openers live by. 

Helping SMEs, startups & freelancers to manage their business finances seamlessly is at the heart of what we do. Even if it meant WFH, we were ready for it. 

Open is a cloud-first platform that’s built to accommodate any unpredictability. So the Opener tribe, worked remotely to ensure that all our services, right from the payment gateway, collections, payouts, to fund transfers via NEFT, RTGS & IMPS and everything in between continued to function as usual.

From 150 Openers who loved huddling up for Townhalls or birthday treats in our 55,000 sq, ft picturesque office (it’s lovely, really!) to now WFH – It took us some time to rein in the new normal. 

But we aced it. 😁

Here’s a peek into what keeps Openers going during WFH

We start the day on a High 

Let’s be honest – some of us are loving the fact that we can sleep in a little late everyday or get that Yoga sesh done right in the morning? 

But some of our daily sagas still remain the same. While we often forgot our access cards earlier, we now end up forgetting to clock-in on our HRMS tool, KEKA too.😅

#OpenTakesOnWFH | Open

The best part of our morning has always been about catching up with the entire team. 

And now, we even have our furry friends join us for our Daily Stand Ups too – where we discuss our agendas for the day & share some inside jokes. 

(Spare me, I can’t spill them 🙈)

We HI-5 our teammates, virtually

Slack is our saviour when it comes to sharing something we loved, with the entire team. Be it a Product Update or a new blog or even a meme – Slack conversations are a part of our daily drill. 

Cheering on each other is something that’s at the heart of what every Opener does & we are keeping at it virtually too. 

5 PM chai breaks

Let me get this straight – Chai & random samosa & cake treats are our fuel. Yes, we Openers love to take a break & chill with our favourite teammates. 

Obviously we do miss Birthday Celebrations & treats that were a commonplace at our HQ, big time. For now we take breathers in between tasks & boy, are they a saviour! 

Among a lot of other firsts –  Open virtually onboarded 7 teammates during the lockdown. Now, back at our HQ we used to have epic ice-breaking sessions with the entire team when anyone joined our tribe & lockdown didn’t stop us. We had a gala time welcoming our new teammates virtually too.

We end on a High too, ready to take on the next day

Amidst a zillion virtual meetings, we make sure to have a laugh at the end of the day & power up to take on new challenges. 


With loads of fun & cheering on each other, we are determined to help business bank #LikeAPro even while WFH. 

Did I tell you we launched one of our most-awaited features ‘International Payments’ during the lockdown? 😎

We’ve got your back 

The Opener tribe is all set to help 450,000 businesses like yours gear up for the ‘new normal’. 

We are working every day to build new features & bring you the smoothest banking experience. We get how important it is right now, more than ever, to truly back your business with a powerful neobanking platform. 

P.S. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay in the loop to catch more behind the scenes of our team while WFH. 😁


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