Gear up for Open Hub: The B2B Marketplace that your business needs

OpenHub - The B2B Marketplace that your business needs

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Isn’t it amazing that we can get everything right from a toothbrush to a dress delivered at our doorstep with a click?

Today, digital penetration has truly empowered businesses to get onto the radar of potential customers seamlessly. And while Flipkart & Amazon have nailed B2C eCommerce, the B2B sector is mostly left in the dark.

Not anymore though – it’s time for them to shine & I am super excited that Open Hub is already a favorite among businesses to connect & be discovered by the best.

Let’s get this ball rolling. 

Why is the present B2B online marketplace broken?

Let’s face it – most B2B Marketplaces out there work on a one-size-fits-all approach. While they promise to boost your sales exponentially by getting your business listed onto their platform, most of them fail to deliver.

Here’s a little peek at why most B2B marketplaces fail: 

Unverified customer base: Being open to the mass market, there’s a high chance you’ll get lost in the sea of a thousand sellers & buyers out there.

Fees that’ll cost your business a fortune: In lieu of getting your business onto the radar of large audiences, most marketplaces charge you enough to burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Not tailored for the Startup & SME niche: It goes without saying that online marketplaces offer untapped opportunities for B2B buyers & sellers to supercharge your business. However, they aren’t cut out to fit the specific needs of an SME or a high-growth startup.

Disconnected Payment System: Isn’t following up on payments a nightmare once you seal the deal? And the worst part – most online marketplaces fail to keep you on top of your payment status. Now, imagine if you could do everything right from sending invoices inbuilt with payment links to reconciling payments from the Marketplace itself.


Why Open Hub is loved by 425,000+ businesses

We at Open strive to empower businesses to level up their game. And after chugging loads of coffee & racking our brain for months, we finally built the B2B Marketplace that caters to your business needs 

Open Hub | A B2B marketplace

Here’s a little peek into it:

Premium Businesses: We’re adding 45,000 verified SMEs on our platform every month, so you can be assured to do business with the best of best.

No Hidden Charges: List out your amazing product or service on Open Hub absolutely free.

Crack Business Deals the Smart way: Once you finalize the deal, send your customer invoices with payment links & manage your entire business banking on your Open dashboard.

Stay Connected: Aren’t business relationships that get you recurring sales the best? Well, with Open you can advertise & stay connected to 425,000+ active businesses seamlessly.

Products & Services that make perfect sense for your businesses: Get everything from company incorporation, taxes, HRMS, legal help & everything in between that will help you scale your business to the next level.

Well, what are you waiting for?

List your business on Open Hub today. Sign-up in minutes & get your business discovered by the best. 


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