Automation Solution For Business Growth

Manage all your accounting, from bookkeeping to invoicing & automated payment reconciliation, in one platform that comes integrated with Open's business account

Smart Invoicing

Create GST compliant invoices & handle business payments seamlessly

Stay on top of your Account Receivables & Payables

Get a boss-level view of your business account receivables & payables

Easy Payment Reconciliation

Categorise & reconcile your business transactions in a click

Powerful Bookkeeping Reports

Get a top-level view of your business finances with profit & loss, cashflow reports and more

Instant E-way Bills

Generate E-way bills within minutes for easy transportation of your consignments

The only accounting
tool you need

Automated Accounting that'll never cease to
amaze you

How to simplify your business accounting with Open

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Instant Invoicing

Sort out your business payments the smart way

GST Compliant Invoicing

Create GST compliant invoices in 2 minutes

Inbuilt Payment Links

Send out invoices inbuilt with payment links for faster payments

Easy Tracking

Track payment status of all invoices in a single dashboard

Range of Payment Options

Get paid faster by giving your customers payment options like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS

Manage account
receivables & payables

Stay on top of your business finances with automated accounting
Share estimates with your business prospects
Generate GST compliant invoices with ease
Easily manage payables and initiate payouts
Create bills and receipts for customers

Tally Plugin

A smart Tally plugin for all your business accounting needs

Simplified Bookkeeping

Enjoy bookkeeping that comes integrated with your banking

Track Payments Easily

Reconcile your customer payments automatically

Insightful Reports

Stay on top of your finances with smart cashflow and profit & loss reports

bookkeeping & cashflow reports

Generate insightful financial reports
Manage your business finances #LikeAPro
with automated accounting

We’ve got your business banking game sorted

Everything from Invoicing to automated accounting in one place
Open’s neobanking platform offers everything from payments, to banking, automated accounting & all that’s in between - one Open account that covers it all

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you understand all about our current account offering

• Automated accounting is a feature provided by neobanks/accounting softwares to help business owners simplify accounting. Businesses can

automate repetitive tasks in accounting like data entry, reconciliation, generation of bookkeeping reports, etc.

• Automated accounting means that you let technology do mundane yet important accounting tasks for you. This way, you can focus on scaling

your business while the platform/software does all the heavy-lifting for you.

• The advantages of automated accounting are many. For example, accuracy of your books of accounts can be improved by doing away with human

errors that are unavoidable in traditional accounting.

• The best part is that by automating accounting, you can free up bandwidth for your finance team to focus on your business’s growth.

Automated accounting benefits small businesses who spend hours juggling between multiple tasks on a daily basis. The advantages of

automated accounting are:

• Saves time by eliminating data entry for every single accounting transaction

• Reduces complexity & redundancy in day-to-day accounting

• Simplifies accounting with auto-reconciliation & bookkeeping reports

• Improves accuracy of your books of accounts

• Simplifies tax filing for your business

• Improves cash flow management

• Open’s automated accounting module is built for small businesses who switch between multiple interfaces for banking, payments,

expense management & accounting.

• With Open, businesses can login to one platform to make & receive payments - with multiple payment options. And every single transaction

on Open will be automatically recorded in the accounting section on the dashboard.

• As a result, businesses can save countless hours spent on bank reconciliation with UTR numbers. Business owners can also stay on top of all

their account receivables & account payables anytime, anywhere.

• To know more, sign up & experience Open’s automated accounting yourself.