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Smartest business cards in town now come integrated
with your Open online bank account

VISA Business Card

Built to cater to all your business expense needs

Separate personal
& business spends

No need to use your personal credit card to pay for expenses

Team expenses, sorted

Stay on top of all your team spends

Best way to track all your
business expenses

Expense management integrated with WhatsApp to capture & manage expenses on the go

Rewards built for your business

Enjoy a host of best-in-class rewards that make perfect sense for your business

Excel at business expenses with Open VISA cards

A scalable expense management solution designed to simplify your teams’ spend

Built exclusively for SMEs
and Startups

Track team spends, set limits and benefit from a top-notch expense management solution

Real-time receipt tracking

Every time you swipe, we WhatsApp you

Say hello to swift filing

File your expense reports in a minute

Powered by VISA

Accepted everywhere, where VISA is accepted

How to ace expense management with Open VISA cards

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Virtual Cards

The quick, completely secure and easiest way to pay for things online
Get Your Card

Cards for the team

Assign virtual cards to your team and set
specific limits

Greater spend visibility

Track it down to who is spending on what

Manage Saas subscriptions like a pro

Subscriptions and renewals can be paid for
with ease

Enjoy unprecedented flexibility

Simply cancel or delete the card as per your

How to manage your team expenses #LikeAPro with virtual cards

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Hear it from the best

Join in with this elite club and spend to your advantage

Now, expense management is a cakewalk

I love how Open’s expense management comes integrated with banking & accounting. This makes filing expenses & managing reimbursements a cakewalk for me & my teammates alike.
Prasanth Madavana, CEO of Fedo Technologies
Switch to smarter
business cards #LikeAPro

We’ve got all your business banking needs covered

Everything from bulk payouts to automated accounting in one place
Open’s neobanking platform offers everything from
payments, to banking, automated accounting & all
that’s in between - one Open account that covers it all

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you understand all about our current account offering

We have to spend money to run daily business operations, dont we? Spend money to earn money!

• A business expense is the amount of money you spend on buying products, services or teams to run your business. It includes handling your offline purchases, online subscriptions, or managing your team spends for your business.

Hmm. Managing expenses is a headache. Isnt it?

• Every business has multiple expenses. For a business owner or manager, identifying, tracking and controlling those expenses can be very hard. Expense management does exactly that. It helps you to track, monitor and manage your expenses without exceeding your budget. It will help you reduce costs and avoid unnecessary spends.

Oh, no! We all struggle with managing our personal expenses. Don’t we? “I’ll not spend much from next month”- We have all been there. Still, its difficult to be in control of our expenses.

• Think about managing the expenses of a group of employees trying to carry out business activities. People tend to use a mix of personal credit cards, cash, debit cards, and business cards to manage business finance. Sometimes, it becomes really hard to even trace back these spends, let alone manage those effectively.

Well, we do know the traditional way of bookkeeping, right?

• It is no solution for modern fast paced business problems. Hence, organizations use a combination of multiple softwares, reimbursement processes, reminders and apps to track spends. But managing expenses this way becomes really difficult.

With Open, expense management is as simple as it could ever get!

• You dont have to use multiple apps and softwares anymore. Open provides a complete expense management solution to keep your expenses under control. Open Expense Management solution includes an Open Business Account, Open Cards and Open Money Dashboard.

• Open Business Account is a business current account. It will help you perform and manage all your business transactions in one place.

• Open Cards can be used to spend for business needs including day-to-day operations, subscriptions and team expenses.

• With Open Dashboard, you can track, monitor and manage all your expenses at one place without having to use multiple accounts and apps.

• When you sign up on Open Money,you get not only 1, but 3 solutions together to manage your expenses.

Told you, with Open, expense management is as simple as it could ever get!

Banks dont issue business credit cards to freelancers, startups and small businesses easily. Yes, you heard it right!

• Even if they do, you will need to maintain FDs or minimum balances (which is not a meagre amount) to get a card issued. Hence, to pay for subscriptions, to handle international payments and to conduct business, startups and SMEs use personal credit cards of employers. Later it creates tons of problems while filing for taxes, managing compliances and even while tracking expenses.

With Open Cards, you dont have to worry about these problems anymore!

Open Expense Cards! Excited already? Let’s see what they’re!

• Open issues expense cards to users for managing their team expenses.

• Open Expense Cards help you manage your daily expenses. If your team incurs day-to-day expenses such as food, travel, utility, fuel, toll and parking, but fail to report, track and monitor it properly, you need Open Expense Cards. With Open expense cards you can even eliminate the tedious reimbursement process from your system

Well, Open Expense Card is interesting. Isnt it? Let’s see how it could help your business.

• Open Expense Cards is designed to manage daily expenses of your team

• It is no solution for modern fast paced business problems. Hence, organizations use a combination of multiple softwares, reimbursement processes, reminders and apps to track spends. But managing expenses this way becomes really difficult.

• For example, your sales team travels outside to close deals and they incur food, fuel and travel expenses on a daily basis. If your sales team is huge, it is not easy to track their spending. Also, the reimbursement processes are typically long and tiring. It is a hassle for employees to keep track of their expenses and bills. Similarly it’s not easy for employers to monitor the same. Remember, a happy sales team is inevitable for your growth. With Open expense cards now you can assign, spend, track and monitor your expenses easily. It offers transparency and scalability required for your business.

Cannot wait to know, right? We cannot wait to let you know either!

• Open Expense Card is created for the spending and tracking of employees working in teams. Often, employees have to spend money from their own pockets, submit bills, get approvals and later get their money reimbursed from the organization. It is a time consuming process and you have to maintain flux money every month. Besides, if you lose a bill or invoice, you cannot reclaim the expense.

Open Expense Card resolves this convoluted problem!

• With Open, any employee in your organization can receive an expense card and swipe it to pay for charges. The expense cards are linked to Open Business Account and Open Dashboard. Hence, the spends will automatically reflect on the Business Account and you will receive a WhatsApp alert. You can now click a picture of the bill and send it on WhatsApp to the alert you received and it will get auto-uploaded to your Open Dashboard

Yay! You dont have to file and wait for reimbursements anymore!

It is a simple, and easy process. It can be done in less than 2 minutes!

• Subscribe to Open > Complete E-KYC by authenticating PAN and Aadhar> Request for Open Expense Cards >Select how many cards you require for your team >Type in the shipping address >Apply.

It depends on the subscription package you have chosen.

Since you have a sales team that will incur daily expenses, you can apply for Open Expense Cards, with your Open Business account. You can give Open Expense Cards to your sales people and they can swipe it for their food, utility, fuel and other expenses. These cards will be linked to your Open Dashboard. From here, you can approve, track, and monitor all the expenses incurred by your team. By linking it to WhatsApp, you can eliminate manual reimbursements from your system. It will help you reduce cost and time loss.

When you subscribe to the Open Business account, you will receive access to our business banking account, Founder One card (default card with all Open Business Accounts) and dashboard where you can process and monitor your transactions. Besides, you can apply for Open Virtual Cards to manage all your subscriptions at one place.

If you are a freelancer, you don’t need to manage teams. However, you might have subscriptions to apps, softwares, platforms and clouds. You might also be conducting business internationally. In this case Open can help you with our FounderOne Card which is a credit & debit card that is integrated with the Open dashboard where you can monitor all your transactions.

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