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Manage everything from account payables & account receivables to cash & bank reconciliation, expense management & reimbursements - all from ONE online bank account


Cash management made easy

25,00,000 businesses trust Open with their cash management. Here’s why.


Easy account payables & account receivables management


Shorten sales to payment cycle with a range of payment options


Send timely digital emails & invoices to customers & vendors


Get an overview of cash-in-hand & cash-in-bank from one place


Generate digital bookkeeping reports like P&L, Cashflow etc.

Get paid fast

Use smart account receivable management & AR automation to collect payments easily


Create & send estimates, invoices, credit notes, cash memos in minutes


Collect subscription payments via UPI Autopay or e-NACH


Track & view all aged receivables customer-wise & transaction-wise


Set credit limits for each customer


Integrate payment gateway to collect payments via credit & debit cards, bank transfers, UPI


Set up invoice automation & send automated reminder emails to customers

Experience the power of automated reconciliation

Sync your bank transactions & reconcile them


Connect all bank accounts to automate bank reconciliation


Experience smarter & error-free cash reconciliation


Map inbound payments with customers using virtual accounts

Track all account payables with ease

With in-built AP automation, know when to pay & to whom

Create & send bills, receipts & debit notes in a few clicks
Connect existing bank accounts to make payouts directly from them
Track & view all aged payables vendor-wise & bill-wise
Integrate online banking to manage payables seamlessly

Ace expense management

Manage, track & control all employee expenses from one dashboard

Get a credit card designed for business expenses
Manage all your cash payments easily
Experience a smooth & fast expense report filing
Set limits & assign virtual & expense cards to teammates
Upload receipts directly via WhatsApp
Manage approval flows & reimbursements from one place

Automate accounting like never before

Save hours on accounting with our fully automated module

Get bookkeeping reports like P&L, cashflow, balance sheet etc.
Easily track receivables & payables via automated bank reconciliation
Get an overview of future collections & payments via ageing analysis
Sync your existing accounting data using 3rd-party software plugins

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Cash management is the process of overseeing the collections & cash flow of your business. By streamlining your cash management, you can ensure

the financial stability of your business.

Cash management is critical for businesses of all sizes. It helps you plan & fund your daily business operations.

Having an overview of your business’s cash flow will help you distribute funds for various business expenses like office rent, employee salaries,

vendor payments, etc.

As a business owner, you will need to keep a tab of all your account receivables - time and again. Cash management services can help you monitor

your account receivables and account payables seamlessly.

Cash management services may include account receivable management & automation, payment solutions, bookkeeping reports & way more.

A cash management service for your business can reap multiple benefits. The best part is that you can assess the financial health of your business.

In other words, cash management is essential to boost the growth of your business by planning for expansion goals.

Some of the features that can help you manage the cash flow of your business are:

• ARAP management: Efficiently managing the accounts payable & accounts receivable of your business can help you plan for your ongoing

working capital needs.

• GST invoices: Getting paid on time is a challenge faced by most businesses. It doesn’t end with sending GST invoices on time. Businesses

must also ensure that timely payment reminders are sent to customers for due payments.

• Overview of cash flow: Obtaining a bird’s eye view of your cash-in-hand & cash-in-bank is crucial. In fact, it is the first step towards simplifying

cash management for your business.

• Expense management: Managing employee expenses is not easy. Once the expenses have been filed, your finance team has to match receipts

with corresponding expenses. The team will then process reimbursements & reconcile the same in the company’s daybook.

• Bookkeeping reports: Invariably maintaining your books of accounts can help you stay on top of your business’s incomes, expenses, assets & liabilities.

The benefits of cash management for businesses are many. With powerful cash management solutions in place, you can:

• Effectively manage the cash flow of your business

• Get an overview of your account receivables

• Make timely employee salaries & vendors payments

• Manage your inventory such that the stock matches the units sold

• Ensure smooth money movement without the need to borrow funds

• Plan for cash management strategies like investments

• Monitor your business’s financial health/stability

• Plan for future business goals

• Prepare for business expansion & growth

Open helps you excel at cash management with a whole array of business finance solutions. For example, using Open you can:

• Send invoices with in-built payment links & set reminders to get paid faster

• Seamlessly manage cash & bank reconciliation in one place

• Process reimbursements & employee expenses hassle-free

• Easily manage account payables & account receivables

• Generate bookkeeping reports that add value to your business

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