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Get more than just a regular payment gateway. Integrate all your payments along with banking, expense management & accounting - all in ONE online bank account.

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Accept payments online with seamless payment gateway integration

instant payouts

Accept payments via debit & credit cards, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI & mobile wallets


Provide a seamless checkout experience to customers & get paid faster


Get insights on payments, settlements, cash flow, refunds, etc. via analytics

integrate api

Integrate our powerful payment gateway APIs in minutes

Checkout Experience your customers will love

Create a customized checkout page in minutes with our payment gateway APIs


Customise the checkout page to the look & feel of your website or app


Accept hassle-free payments with no redirection


Save user’s cards for faster & seamless checkout experience

end-to-end-secure-integration api

Enjoy end-to-end secure integration with our APIs


SDKs & Plugins for easy integration to apps and shopping carts

Integrate with plugins that makes perfect sense for your business


Use mobile SDKs for seamless integration in mobile apps


Start accepting payments instantly & boost your online businesses revenue


Plugins for Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop & many more


Payment Gateway designed for marketplaces and platforms

Integrate our Marketplace API & settle directly to multiple accounts


Split the settlements to multiple accounts


Settle payments to multiple vendors in one go, effortlessly over APIs


Perfect for e-commerce platforms, ride hailing app, food delivery app etc

Online payments portal designed to manage end-to-end payments

Experience the power of the best payment solution

send GST-compliant
Create & send GST-compliant invoices with in-built payment links
Integrate payments on your app with Android & iOS SDKs
Seamlessly integrate our payment gateway on your website
Track payments easily via virtual accounts

The best payment gateway solution for small businesses like yours

Easily integrate our payment gateway, collect payments via a range of options including UPI & mobile wallets & track them seamlessly with our automated accounting - all in just a few steps.


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Access virtual and expense cards, expense management, accounting reports, payment gateway APIs, payout APIs, and a lot more.

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Are you an enterprise?

Collect Payments
Payment Gateway
(via Credit & Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI & Wallets)
Amex & Diners Card, International Cards & Corporate Credit Cards
Cross Border
Virtual Accounts
UPI Autopay


For freelancers & entrepreneurs who are just starting out
(in beta)
(in beta)


For freelancers & early-stage Startups/SMEs
(in beta)
(in beta)


For growth-stage startups & enterprises
(in beta)
(in beta)

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you understand all about our current account offering

  What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateway is a medium that helps customers make secure payments to the merchant online through their website or app.

If you run an e-commerce business, integrating a payment gateway can simplify the way you collect payments.

As making online payments is simpler, faster, and more convenient, customers are open to using debit or credit cards, UPI, internet banking,

or wallets to transfer money for the commodity or a subscription. So businesses integrate a payment gateway/ multiple payment gateways

on their website or mobile application to ensure that customers have a seamless payment experience by enabling them to pay using

the payment mode of their choice — as it’s simpler, faster, and more convenient.

  Why do you need a payment gateway?

Payment gateway is a medium that helps merchants collect payments from customers without hassles. It’s a transaction type wherein your

customer can make payments directly through the payment gateway. All they have to do is add the card details and save

them for future reference.

And it works for the customer as any transaction requires password/ OTP verification to ensure safety. So making payments through an online

payment gateway becomes convenient and easy.

Payment gateway services protect customer’s payment details and help avoid breaches of data. And further eliminating the risk of exposing

your business to fraud or additional charges. Apart from that, it also protects merchants while collecting payments as accounts with insufficient

funds or exceeding credit limits will not be able to move ahead with the transaction.

  How does a payment gateway work?

The functions of a payment gateway are easy to map out. Once the customer adds the product or service to the cart and heads to the

checkout page of the merchant’s website/ application, they can choose to pay via the payment gateway. After which, the customer can make the

payment swiftly, and the amount gets settled instantly.

And the transaction can take place only after the customer adds the credit or debit card details on the payment page. It includes the card holder’s name,

card expiration date & CVV number (card verification value). And since all the customer details saved on the payment gateways are encrypted

from end to end, only once the customer approves the payment through the one-time mobile or email verification, the transfer will be

successful and reach the merchant’s account.

  What are the benefits of using Open’s payment gateway service?

By integrating Open’s payment gateway, both you and your customers will experience more flexibility when it comes to payments.

As Open’s payment gateway,

• Check eligibility criteria with the banking partner

• Enables customers by providing more payment options

• Customers can pick between cards, internet banking, UPI AutoPay, or others

• Low on processing fees & high on functionality

• Offers MDR (merchant discount rate) for payment means

• Has good success rate & timely support

• Includes a PCI-DSS compliant system

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