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Disburse payouts seamlessly with an online bank account built for your business

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No matter what your line of business is, Open can simplify the way you make instant payouts by integrating APIs & automating payments like never before!

instant payouts

Automate instant payouts for single or bulk payments

integrate api

Integrate APIs to make quick mass payouts

add beneficiary

Save time on adding beneficiaries for vendor payouts

direct payment from current account

Make direct payments from your linked current account


Payouts made effortless

Track & manage all your business transactions with Open’s easy-to-implement payout features.

bill payment

Make bill payments & disburse refunds swiftly

oversee in open dashboard

Oversee all business spends from one Open dashboard

add beneficiary

Pay and get paid via debit/ credit cards, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS & UPI

share payout links

Share payout links via email/ mobile number to make instant fund transfer

track real time

Track real-time update for all transactions with a single excel file upload

payout using dashboard

Use ONE dashboard to make payouts or pay using APIs/ UPI AutoPay


How to do instant customer refunds using Open’s payout links

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A payment solution custom-built for your business

Whether you have an e-commerce website, teach an online course, or offer financial services, Open has a payout solution for all of you.



Make payments to vendors or facilitate instant refunds to customers

add financial service

Financial Services

Use powerful APIs to disburse loans within seconds and reduce reconciliation efforts

other features


Direct all payouts like rentals, vendor payments, employee salaries and more

The best payout solution designed for small businesses like yours


With just a few simple steps, you can get an online bank account and credit card, integrate payout APIs in your workflow, reconcile payments and more!

Just share your contact information & business details

Fill in a few basic details to get an online bank account and credit card

Access higher credit limit, track and manage all business spends in ONE place

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you understand all about our current account offering

Payouts are a series of disbursements a business makes to various parties (customers, employees, suppliers, and utility service providers).

Regardless of their size, most companies make payouts to the stakeholders in cash or use IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, and cheques as a payment mode.

With Open Payouts, you can make bulk payouts with a simple excel sheet upload. You can also track and match payments in real-time with

integrated auto-reconciliation, thus reducing additional accounting efforts.

A Payout API or Money transfer API, sometimes also called Bank Transfer API, is a code block that can interact with your current account

and Open Payout system. The payout APIs help businesses accept bulk lists and automatically make bulk payments to beneficiaries. A bulk list

is a catalogue of stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, and utility service providers. The Payout API automates the payment process,

giving businesses freedom from the repetitive and arduous task of adding beneficiary lists and making bulk payments.

A bulk payout is a series of payments a business creates from a list (beneficiaries or stakeholders) to send money from a single current account.

In the account statement, it will show as one debit on your bank statement. The bulk list is a catalogue of your employees, customers, suppliers,

and utility service providers.

Businesses employing payout API for making bulk payments can make all their payouts easily with a single click. It saves the hassle of uploading

long lists of payees or beneficiaries every time.

A payout solution can do magic for businesses. A business can:

1. Instantly make payouts for single or bulk payments

2. Quickly add beneficiaries and make bulk payouts right away with a payout solution that leverages Payout APIs.

3. Unlike traditional banks, there is no cooling period after adding beneficiaries.

4. Easily add beneficiaries using a phone number or email for vendor payouts

5. Make direct payments from the linked current account.

6. Track and auto-reconcile payments

Here is how some businesses use a payout solution:

• E-commerce businesses make payments to vendors or facilitate instant refunds to customers with a payout solution in place.

• Financial Services Providers can leverage powerful APIs for instant loan disbursal and reduce reconciliation efforts with auto-reconciliation

integrated into the payout solution.

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"Open is a technology platform - it is not a bank and does not hold or claim to hold a banking license. The business current accounts, VISA corporate cards, business loans and other similar banking services/financial services offered on the Open platform are provided by RBI-licensed banks and financial institutions. All funds in the Open powered business current account are insured as per limits prescribed under the RBI’s deposit insurance scheme. The banking services/financial services offered on the Open platform are powered by our partner banks/financial institutions and follows all security standards and legal requirements prescribed by the partner bank/financial institution, in accordance with extant RBI regulations."