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The smartest way to manage your online subscriptions

Experience the easiest & smartest way to manage, track & control online spends for your business in real-time with Open’s virtual cards.

Built for every online purchase


SaaS subscriptions


Online ad spends


Cloud infrastructure payments

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a unique & digitally generated 16-digit credit card number that helps you pay for all online subscriptions. Your card number is private, reducing any fraud risks.

How to ace expense management at your startup with virtual cards

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Simplify your SaaS spends

Create a unique virtual card for every subscription your business uses, assign an owner & set a monthly budget.


Get a unique virtual card for every subscription


Never miss a payment

add beneficiary

Never go over budget


Spending is rewarding

Now earn rewards for every subscription payment your business makes.
Automate your payments & get rewarded each time.


Discover exclusive offers on subscriptions curated for your business


Earn cashback and collect the rewards in your Open account


Renew or pay for a new subscription with Open’s virtual card


Real-time visibility for every online purchase

With Open’s virtual cards, now you can track who paid for what, when & how much in real-time. No more wasting hours on tracking receipts.


Set limits & stay within your monthly budget


Receive alerts for all transactions being made


Track all your spending in real-time & view statement


Get notified for all out-of-budget spends


Automated bookkeeping done right

Get complete visibility into your SaaS expenses, reconcile & file expense reports automatically with real-time synchronization.


Automatically categorize all your SaaS expenses


Set custom tags for fast & easy reconciliation


Automate accounting with plug-in for 3rd party software like Tally

Never pay twice

Get complete visibility of the total no. of subscriptions your business pays for. Track who has purchased which subscription and for how much. Avoid duplicate costs.

Detect & stop fraud

With Open’s virtual cards, you don’t need to share your credit card number with strangers. Keep your information private and reduce the risk of a data breach or fraud.

How virtual cards work


Sign up for your Open account & complete KYC. Invite your entire team on Open & assign roles.


Create a unique virtual card for each subscription


Assign an owner & set a monthly budget


Manage, track & control all subscriptions from ONE dashboard

Not just a virtual card

Open’s virtual card comes integrated with an online bank account that helps you manage banking, payments, payouts, offline expenses, and accounting -- from ONE place!

Got Questions?

Here is our FAQs section to help you understand all about our current account offering

A virtual card is an online version of a physical bank card. They work just like any other bank card but online. It comprises a 16 digit card number and

a CVV which can be used to perform your business transactions.

These digital business/virtual cards can be used for multiple use cases. For example, you can pay for your SaaS subscriptions, digital ad spends,

cloud infrastructure payments, etc. You could also assign individual virtual cards to different teams in the company such as HR, Marketing,

Engineering, etc. This enables you to keep track of all your business expenses, without worrying about who spent how much on what.

If you’re looking at securing virtual cards for your business, you can get your hands on Open’s virtual cards. You can load the required

amount from your linked Open account and set a spending limit to track and control your expenses.

Powered by VISA, these Virtual Visa Cards can be swiped everywhere, where VISA is accepted. As unique card numbers are alloted to

each card, you can easily track & control all your business expenses. Not to mention, an enhanced visibility of how your money is being spent

will help you make better financial decisions. Click to know more about Open’s virtual cards.

AVirtual cards basically enable users to process online payments. Technically, it functions just like your offline banking card - along with

reconciliation benefits. No need to match card expenses with your company’s accounting books.

Virtual cards can be pre-loaded with a certain amount from a linked account. And to process the payment, the user can enter the assigned

card number and CVV and an OTP that will be shared on the registered mobile number. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

Virtual cards have multiple use cases that make expense management & accounting easier for your business. Some of the benefits of

securing virtual cards are:

• Make online payments everywhere (including international payments), where VISA is accepted

(a) These payments may range from online business subscriptions to digital ads to recurring payments.

• Manage business expenses with real-time visibility

(a) You can set a spending limit on each card and track the spends in real-time.

• Simplify reconciliation & oversee all the transactions

(a) By using a virtual card, you can monitor all your business expenses on a single dashboard. Be it team-wise expenses or tool-wise expenses,

you can view them all, hassle-free.

Any individual/business entity/freelancer can avail Open’s virtual cards. For instance, freelancers or even marketing agencies can assign unique

virtual cards to each of their clients. This will help in tracking different client spends effortlessly.

Whereas, a startup can use virtual cards to pay for their individual tool spends. For example, AWS subscriptions, Google ads, Linkedin ads, etc.

On the other hand, a small business owner can assign virtual cards to employees from different teams. For example, if your Sales & HR team

uses the same tool - Linkedin, it becomes easier to track the spends by assigning two different virtual cards. This way, you will know

who has spent how much for Linkedin alone.

A virtual card application could not get any simpler. Just create an Open account and head to the virtual cards section under the Cards category.

Just fill in a few basic details & upload your business documents.

If you are someone who is always stuck at tracking and monitoring your employee expenses, an Open virtual card is your go-to solution.

Moreover, finance teams who have to manage multiple online payments can be relieved by simply opting for recurring payments via virtual cards.

You can also set a spending limit that can be changed as per the need, activate notifications for new purchases, and do away with paying

for unnecessary subscriptions.

A virtual card consists of a unique combination of numbers that are digitally set to offer you the functions of a physical card. This reduces

the chances of you getting defrauded, as no one else except you can access this digitized information. Furthermore, Open’s virtual cards have

multi-level approvals & 100% data encryption to ensure secure transactions - at all times.

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