The one mantra we at Open live by is that — “The groundwork for all happiness is good health!”

We like to deal with uncertainties head-on. In that spirit, Open is sponsoring Covid-19 vaccines for all of its 300+ Openers and their families, PAN-India. 

The past year has been intense, to say the least. With the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our employees feel safe. Now that the vaccination drive is open to the general public since the beginning of March, we didn’t want Openers to wait any longer! We mapped out a plan to get all Openers & their family vaccinated first!

They can now get vaccinated from the health centres closest to them. And we’re following every single protocol as mandated by the government and the healthcare experts while doing the needful!

Looking back, most of us felt displaced and were going through a rough patch when the lockdown distracted our lives. The new normal didn’t look very good as the pandemic changed the way we looked at things. 

But we came out stronger! 

As an organization, we’ve always put the physical and mental well-being of our employees before everything. And that’s what helps us make the workplace a happy & safe place to be at every day. More so now since we’ve crossed the 300 employees mark recently.

Through this initiative, we hope our employees can proactively fight the Covid-19 war and leave the pandemic woes at bay. All-in-all, we have always prioritized healthcare because that’s what matters most!

Open fights Covid-19

Hema Anand, VP – Operations at Open, and her husband Vinay Anand were the first beneficiaries who received the Covid-19 vaccination at Open’s vaccination drive.

When you have a tribe that’s open to tackle uncertainties every day, the best is always around the corner, or in this case — up our sleeves.


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