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Continuous Leadership Workshop | Open

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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. — John Maxwell

Leadership inevitably plays a key role in the growth of an organization. However, acquiring leadership skills is not a one-time activity. It’s a lifelong process.


Continuous leadership workshop | Open

Continuity — the key to leadership

Every individual who joins Open comes with a unique set of professional & life experiences. Some would’ve even managed teams in their previous organizations.

Often when people step into new roles, they tend to follow the same style that they’d been practicing earlier without realizing how important it is to be adaptive and work without their own biases and baggage they carry from the past.

That’s where Continuous Leadership comes into play!


Priyanka Lekhi | Continuous Leadership Workshop | Open

At Open HQ, we ensure that the aspect of Continuous Leadership does not go missing as we all thrive in our professional journey. We empower leaders to embrace continuous learning both as a personal & an organizational value so as to create a culture of growth & competitiveness.

Leaders are empowered to create a supportive work environment — which in turn hones one’s potential as a leader.


Encouraging the CEO mindset


Gunjan Kaur Jabbal | CLW | Open

The role of a leader goes beyond that of a manager — A manager helps in execution, while a leader is a visionary. More than often, managers can be empowered with leadership. 

At Open, we have ‘People Managers’ (PMs) who play a key role in aligning the team & inspiring fellow peers to unlock their potential. They help instill entrepreneurial skills (with the CEO mindset) among fellow Openers. By doing so, they ensure growth while achieving the larger vision of Open.


Learning to unlearn


Aman Deep Singh | Continuous Leadership Workshop | Open

We believe that knowledge and skills gained through experiences last longer and leave a stronger impact. It also allows us to reflect on our personal strengths & milestones, which then become a pathway to exploring leadership in a wide array of lenses. Workshops are a great way to dive into new dimensions of leadership.


Learning for life


Devika Girish | Continuous Leadership Workshop | Open

Through our workshops, we seek to instill the idea that to excel you’ve got to be a lifelong learner & focus on the cause. And this inspires both managers and their teams to grow together.

We leverage experiential learning via creative & theatre activities to get a deeper outlook of our own leadership styles. Our workshops are designed to be reflective & insightful – thus making sure that everyone learns with no compromise on fun.


Our leaders’ got some moves 😉 

Yes, our workshops are filled with peppy smirks. And we love being our authentic selves. Nonetheless, the notion is to build a collaborative approach among teams & mold each of them to have the CEO mindset. Moreover, it enables leaders to practice adaptability while working around one’s own biases & judgements. 

Interested to join this amazing tribe whose passion knows no boundaries? 😁  Hit this link & find out if there’s an opening waiting for you.  


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