India’s Gig-Economy – A Peek into a Freelancer’s life



If you’re a freelancer you’d agree that being one can be as daunting as it’s rewarding. It’s like you are a one-man army, right?

Right from finding a gig to taking care of your payments, it’s all you

Now, being the cheerleaders of the gig-economy,  we at Open did a little research on what it’s like to be an Indian freelancer. 

Let’s dive right in – 

You’d often spot a freelancer chugging coffee at their favorite cafe all immersed in their laptop screens. Following their passion & living life on their own terms, one thing they absolutely detest is unclear project expectations & delayed payments from their clients. 

gig economy persona - gig-economy

Interestingly, both Millennials & Generation Z are riding the gig-economy wave & are at the top of the freelancing workforce. 

A huge shout out to all the superwomen out there though – we gotta buckle up! 🙆‍♀️

Gig-economy demography

Now, when you think of freelancers – you’d instantly get a mental image of a Techie in an oversized hoodie or a Content Creator/Youtuber just doing his/her own thing & earning loads of money. Right? 

But surprise surprise 

Lawyers are some of the most highly-paid freelancers followed by game developers. 

Shocked? 🤯 

We were too! 

top paying roles in gig category

Now, freelancers are quite social media wizards. While you might think freelancers are ALWAYS online & spend hours stalking people on Social Media. More often than not – they are out there to bag their next gig.  

gig management

And while freelancers know all the magic words to woo their clients with their top-notch networking skills, they often struggle to get their payments in place.

So, while you’d think they are lucky to do what they truly love to do – a whopping 28% of their time is lost in managing their finances. 

Now, you’d expect the traditional banks to gear up considering the freelancers are at the forefront of driving the economy, won’t you? 
Sadly, that’s not the case. 

time management by freelancer

Today there’s a rising need for a ‘true freelancers bank’ & luckily there is one – Neo banks! 

With creating GST-compliant invoices & estimates in minutes to acing international payments with minimal conversion charges – Open empowers freelancers to manage their finances like a boss! 

challenges faced by gig economy

It’s time you free yourself from payment hassles & truly just follow your passion. 

Because bosses – We’ve got your back! 😎


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Kasif Khan

Detailed and insightful! It would be interesting to know the transaction volume, value and freelancer count presently.

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