If you’re a freelancer you’d agree that being one can be as daunting as it’s rewarding. It’s like you are a one man army, right?

Right from finding a gig to taking care of your payments, it’s all you

Now, being the cheerleaders of the gig-economy,  we at Open did a little research on what it’s like to be an Indian freelancer. 

Let’s dive right in – 

You’d often spot a freelancer chugging coffee at their favourite cafe all immersed in their laptop screens. Following their passion & living life on their own terms, one thing they absolutely detest is unclear project expectations & delayed payments from their clients. 

Freelancer/gig-economy Persona -

Interestingly, both Millennials & Generation Z are riding the gig-economy wave & are at the top of the freelancing workforce. 

A huge shout out to all the superwomen out there though – we gotta buckle up! 🙆‍♀️

gig-economy Demography

Now, when you think of freelancers – you’d instantly get a mental image of a Techie in an oversized hoodie or a Content Creator/Youtuber just doing his/her own thing & earning loads of money. Right? 

But surprise surprise 

Lawyers are some of the most highly-paid freelancers followed by game developers. 

Shocked? 🤯 

We were too! 

Top paying roles in Gig-cateogory

Now, freelancers are quite the social media wizards. While you might think freelancers are ALWAYS online & spend hours stalking people on Social Media. More often than not – they are out there to bag their next gig.  


And while freelancers know all the magic words to woo their clients with their top-notch networking skills, they often struggle to get their payments in place.

So, while you’d think they are lucky to do what they truly love to do – a whooping 28% of their time is lost in managing their finances. 

Now, you’d expect the traditional banks to gear up considering the freelancers are at the fore-front of driving the economy, won’t you? 
Sadly, that’s not the case. 

Time Management of a Freelancer

Today there’s a rising need for a ‘true freelancers bank’ & luckily there is one – Neo banks! 

With creating GST-compliant invoices & estimates in minutes to acing international payments with minimal conversion charges – Open empowers freelancers to manage their finances like a boss! 

Challenges faced by the Gig-Economy

It’s time you free yourself from payment hassles & truly just follow your passion. 

Because bosses – We’ve got your back! 😎

Paramjeet Kaur

Paramjeet Kaur

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