Transaction Banking

From the bank’s perspective, transaction banking is the reorganisation of several (sometimes fragmented) transaction-based activities into a single unit. For the end user, or small and mid-sized enterprises in this case, it means being able to conduct several transaction-based functions

44% of SMEs complained spending significant time (an average of 1446 hours) on financial operations and repetitive tasks – Economic Times

There are innumerable challenges faced by SMEs amongst which finance management tops the list. Be it maintaining accurate reconciliation

It’s time to review your business’ financial insights for the passing financial year, think of the key learnings and make purposeful decisions for the coming year. It’s #ThatTimeOfTheYear to discover opportunities, to step out of your comfort zone, and invest

What Is Neobank?

In Australia, Europe, and North America, neobank are digital banks that operate without physical branches. Earlier, these banks used to operate by partnering with traditional banks due to the lack of banking licenses. But now the respective

I like to think of my journey so far, a decade long career, as what they call a “Portfolio career”. I come from a background in product management – edtech, fintech, and core banking, credit risk, analytics, content, and operations.

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