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Accept International Payments without a hassle on Open

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Globally, the freelancer workforce is growing and how! 

With 81% of Indian workers moving into the gig economy in the last 5 years, India continues to be home to the second-largest market for freelance professionals. Well, the time has come to embrace this new wave of work and make way for the gig economy. 🥳

So now that the ‘Future of Work’ is basically everywhere (Maldives, Bali anyone? ) – working remotely for a client from another continent is no biggie. But the real deal for most freelancers, side-hustlers and part-timers is getting paid (especially when it comes to international payments). Living the self-employed dream usually falls short when these gig workers run up against some major payment challenges.

To put it simply – how you get paid trickles down to what you get paid.

Let’s get this straight, shall we?

Digging the gig with Open

At Open, we’ve been rooting for the best freelancer payment solution right from the beginning!

And we’ve narrowed down on the main setbacks that freelancers face when they are looking to accept payments from a client, halfway around the globe. Let’s take a look:

> Delayed payment receipts

> Unreasonable conversion charges

And let’s not forget – multiple, oh wait… more like a zillion follow-ups on international payments

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Did that just dampen your hopes of going the freelance way? Hang on, see that’s why we’re here.

We at Open, have built a business current account right from the ground-up to fit the growing needs of freelancers. From quick international payments, smart invoices, to an exclusive credit card – you name it and we’ve got it all to help you power through your gigs.

Time to ramp up with global gigs

Now let’s say you’re Mark Zuckerberg and in your early freelancing days you moved to India. Being the ace developer that you are, you’re soon called to take up a gig with a startup back in the US.

You get the job done in time like a pro – now here comes the real gist, getting paid.

Since you settle for nothing but the best – your search for a platform to manage ‘all your finances’ ends when you come across Open.

NEWSFLASH – Open’s all-in-one platform has got everything you need, and then some more. 

So you head right in and sign up for Open’s business current account in minutes. You then get started by shooting out an invoice with an inbuilt payment link to your client back in the US (hey, just making sure you get paid faster).

Now the wait begins, right? Nah.. not really, see with Open you get paid from across the globe in T+5 days! 🤩

Alright, let’s play this out for you – your client back in the US receives the payment request that comes linked with a unique virtual account number (assigned to you).

She then approves it with just a click and chooses the preferred payment method. Once that’s sorted, the money is then pulled from her account and a payment is made to your virtual account number. And just like that, your money is on its way!

And get this – you get paid in INR with absolutely no hassle of currency conversion. Pretty neat, huh?

Also with Open, your accounting is all taken care of on the platform. And while you’re here, you may wanna check out Open’s Founder One Card. They call it the smartest credit card in town for a reason – along with paying off your digital expenses using your company credit card, you also get to enjoy a host of rewards that make perfect sense for your business.

You might also be interested in giving Open’s feature-rich payment gateway a shot – you know, it could come in handy when you’re looking to build the world’s largest social network.

No turning back

So what are you waiting for? Go for it and don’t miss out on ‘em global projects!

Say what, ready to give Open a spin for all your freelancing needs?


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