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2020 brought about changes in the way businesses collect online payments across the globe. Especially with the pandemic at the forefront, the second wave has shaken the economy and the very core of companies.

But the enduring spirit of small businesses to thrive regardless is what has been keeping many companies afloat.

This need to get ahead has also forced businesses to adapt to new ways of doing things. One of which is to collect online payments without a website!

Not all small businesses need a website to offer products and services. So there’s no need to invest in a website just to collect payments for the same.

As we all know, consumers expect a safe, convenient, and more global yet localized payment platform that makes collecting payments easier and faster. Now, businesses can achieve that too — without spending thousands on building a website and integrating a payment gateway. 

Now you too can start collecting online payments for your business without a website and allow your customers to make payments effortlessly. Let’s look at some of the ways you can do it with Open.

Share invoices with built-in payment links

Businesses need to send out GST-compliant invoices. And collecting payments against the invoice is a big task! As it includes revisiting the invoice to reconcile the payments shared.

You can now create and send GST-compliant invoices with built-in payment links on Open to send to customers.

This way, you can keep tabs on customer payments without any additional work of reconciliation. 

What are payment links?

Payment links are online payment methods that wherein, you can share an online payment request with your customer and get paid immediately. 

Why should businesses use payment links?

As the payment links are generated online and are part of the invoice, the customers can make payments within a few clicks. And this helps small businesses straight up reconcile payments against the invoice. Turns out, payment links are convenient for both the merchant and the customers alike! 

How do payment links work on Open?

You can view all the invoices and banking transactions from a single dashboard! Just click on the invoice to find all the customer details, and avoid the hassles of using multiple sites to match every transaction.

By choosing Open, you can also save over a hundred hours spent on reconciliation every month.

Want to get started?

  • Log in to Open 
  • Visit the invoice section directly or click on payments
  • Create an invoice with basic details of your customer
  • Save and send it within seconds

Create and send direct payment links

Why should businesses use Open’s payment links?

If yours is a small business that needs to collect quick payments from customers, then payment links will work out great!  And with Open, you just need to select the customer name, enter the amount and add a pre-defined income category. 

And to add to this feature, you can also enable partial payments! 

What are partial payments?

Partial payments refer to the invoice payment or any impending payment due. Here, the customers have an option of making a partial payment instead of paying at one go. 

Giving customers an option of sharing partial payments will help you retain them for a longer period of time. So let your customers make invoice payments at their convenience and get notified for the same via emails and messages.

Want to edit the invoice? Go ahead and get on with it. In case there are any changes to be made in the invoice, you edit the invoice as per the requirement.

How to collect payments via invoices with built-in payment links? 

  • Once you share the invoice with your customers, they get notified via mail.
  • Once they click on, Pay Now; they will get redirected to the checkout page.
  • After the payment has been processed, you will receive an update on the same and reconcile it immediately. 

Wondering how your small business can collect payments smartly?

You can enable recurring payments too! That’s right. You don’t have to keep going back and forth to reconcile all payments from one customer. Set up recurring payments for regular consumers the first time you share the payment link, and collect timely payments. 

Isn’t this great? You don’t need to create a website to collect online payments. You can set up and collect online payments for your business with existing operations in the works!

As we all know, digitization is a necessity in the modern business world. And creating a system that makes collecting online payments more nimble will benefit the customers and businesses alike. Now with Open, discover the power of receiving payments the wise way.


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