Manage Banking And Accounting Easily With Zoho Books And Open

Connect your Zoho Books accounting software with Open, to manage your banking, payments and accounting in one place. Make, categorise and reconcile transactions in seconds, without worrying about manual data entries.

Seamless 2-Way Sync With Zoho Books Integration

Import invoices and bills from Zoho Books to Open

Auto-match payment transactions with bills and invoices and sync back to Zoho Books

Create bills and invoices on Open and sync back to Zoho Books with payment transaction details


Simplify Business Payments with Zoho Books Integration

Import bills from Zoho Books or create them on Open

Select one or multiple bills and pay them with one click through connected banking

Auto update payment transaction details on bills

Auto sync bills and payment details to Zoho Books for up-to-date accounting records

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Auto-reconcile Payments with Zoho Books

Our two-way sync ensures that your accounting software is always in sync with your payments and bills. This means that you no longer have to manually update your records or worry about reconciling discrepancies.

Simplify Your Business Payments With Zoho BooksToday