End-to-end e-Invoice Management

Achieve complete e-invoicing compliance with Open:

Automate e-invoice generation, filing and validation for all eligible invoices with a simple toggle button

Generate and share e-way bills with transport partners in a few clicks

Download, review, edit and cancel e-invoices as needed

Streamlined e-Way Bill Management

Manage your e-way bills effortlessly with Open's enhanced capabilities:

Generate e-way bills in one click with pre-filled data

Share e-way bills with your customer, recipient, and transporter

Review, cancel or extend validity of e-way bills easily on Open, with no further action required on government portals

Open is much more than an e-invoicing software. It helps you manage your entire cashflow right from creating and tracking invoices to getting paid and reconciling payments with your accounting software.

From Invoicing to Payments - Manage Everything on Open

Make vendor payments directly from Open using connected banking. Make bulk or recurring payments easily, setting up payments for rent, salaries and more in a few steps. Stay in control with approval workflows, real-time payment updates, and transaction statements, all in one place.

Experience Connected Banking

Connect multiple bank accounts to Open for a unified view of your finances. View your transaction history and account balances in real-time, receive alerts for incoming and outgoing transactions, and categorise transactions for accurate bookkeeping.

Simplify Reconciliation with Accounting Software Sync

Connect Open to your accounting software for automatic data transfer. Our platform ensures accurate and up-to-date records with real-time sync. Reconcile transactions with a single click and eliminate manual data entry to save time on bookkeeping.