Smarter AP Automation For Greater Control

Make Payouts in a Few Clicks Using Connected Banking

Transferring funds to vendors, suppliers, and employees has never been easier. With Open, you can schedule recurring payments for rent, salaries, and more. Set up approval workflows to ensure security and control, and get real-time status updates and detailed transaction reports.

Simplify Reconciliation with Accounting Software Sync

Connect Open to your accounting software for automatic data transfer. Our platform ensures accurate and up-to-date records with real-time sync. Reconcile transactions with a single click and eliminate manual data entry to save time on bookkeeping.

Optimise Payables with Smart Insights

Keep track of outstanding payments, efficiently manage vendors, and optimise cashflow for sustained financial success.

All-in-one Platform to Manage Your Business Finances

Open is an end-to-end business payments platform that lets you create bills and invoices, manage spends, pay vendors and reconcile payments by connecting your bank accounts and accounting software.