Accounts Payable Automation Software for Your Business

Reduce manual efforts in accounts payable and make payments with ease on OPEN. Import or create bills, make payments from connected bank accounts, sync bills with your accounting software, and reconcile transactions effortlessly.

Elevate Your Business With OPEN’s AP Automation

Effortless Payouts

Fetch bills seamlessly from your accounting software and send them to OPEN. Connect multiple current accounts and make bulk payouts to vendors as well as employees.

Accurate AP Bookkeeping

Leveraging AP automation streamlines the accounts payable processes. This ensures efficient invoice automation for accounts payable reconciliation and accurate reporting.

Manage Payables Effectively

Streamline your AP process with our accounts receivable automation solution. Generate purchase orders, receipt notes, bills, debit notes, and more to boost business payables and accelerate growth.

Seamless integration

Integrate your Tally, Zoho Books, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle NetSuite with OPEN for automatic synchronisation. Keep your financial records up-to-date effortlessly. Seamlessly import bills and vendor details and push back payment information with just a few clicks

Unveiling The Power Of OPEN’s AP Automation

Make Bulk Payouts in a Few Clicks Using Connected Banking

Connect your current accounts and make bulk payments to vendors, suppliers, and employees at ease. With OPEN, you can schedule recurring payments for rent, salaries, and more. Set up approval workflows to ensure security and control, and get real-time status updates and detailed transaction reports.

Connect your Accounting Software to OPEN

Connect OPEN to your accounting software for automatic data transfer. Pull bills from accounting tools such as Tally, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics to make payouts. Also, once the payouts are done, auto-create journal entries in your accounting tools.

Faster and Easier Reconciliation

When your accounting tool as well as your current accounts are connected to OPEN, reconciliation becomes an automated task. OPEN will fetch the e-statements and help you match them with bills from your accounting tool faster and easier.

AP Automation

Generate purchase orders, receipt notes, bills, debit notes, and more to boost business payables and accelerate growth. Share these documents with your vendors in a click without emails or WhatsApp messages.

Optimise Payables with Smart Insights

Keep track of outstanding payments, efficiently manage vendors, and optimise cashflow for sustained financial success.

Payables Aging Analysis

Get a single view of all your outstanding payables, by vendor, for periods ranging from 0-31 days to 90+ days. Reconcile or pay dues from the dashboard in one click.

Purchase Register

Get a consolidated view of all your purchases and tax credits across bills, credit notes, delivery challans, and more. Track the status of payables for each vendor.


Complete your payables analysis with an overview of your net cashflow report. Get a summary of payments made and refunds issued across all bank accounts.

All-in-one Platform to Manage Your Business Finances

Open is an end-to-end business payments platform that lets you create bills and invoices, manage spends, pay vendors and reconcile payments by connecting your bank accounts and accounting software.

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