Simplify Cashflow Management With SBI Connected Banking

Connect your SBI current account with Open to track payables and receivables, auto-sync bills, and reconcile payments effortlessly.

How It Works

Initiate Linking Of Bank

Initiate linking of your bank accounts from the Open dashboard.

Approve Your Connection

Approve linking requests digitally by logging into your bank's Internet banking portal or visiting your bank branch.

Experience Connected Banking

Make payments or receive payments from vendors or view balances in your bank accounts directly from the Open Dashboard.

Simplify Your Vendor Payouts with Open

Pay, Manage and reconcile your business payments by connecting your SBI Bank current account and accounting software

How It Works

Add bill or invoice details.


Take a photo, sync with your accounting software or send invoices directly to your Pay inbox.

Select payment method.


Choose payment delivery.


Get Paid Faster from Clients

Send invoices, get paid from clients to your SBI current account and reconcile your payments automatically

Send Invoice & Receive Payment Online

How It Works

1. Add Bill Details

Upload, import or create vendor bills in a few clicks

2. Pay Bills

Instantly pay bills from your connected bank accounts

3. Reconcille Payments

Auto-reconcile payments with bills and sync with accounting software

Auto-sync Your Payments and Accounting

Integrate your accounting software and your SBI Bank current account with Open for a two-way sync between your payments and bills. Say goodbye to manual updates and accounting entries for reconciliation

Manage All Your Current Accounts from Open

Track all bank balances, payables and receivables easily on the Open dashboard. Stay on top of cashflow insights without logging in to multiple portals.

Make Instant Account-to-Account Payments with Open

Connected banking lets you make instant payments to vendors' or employees' bank accounts through IMPS, UPI, NEFT, or RTGS from your connected SBI bank account in a few clicks.

Apply For A New SBI Bank Current Account Through Open

Apply for a new SBI current account with Open and manage it seamlessly from your Open dashboard.

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