Accounts Receivable Software to get paid faster

Optimize your AR process with an efficient accounts receivable automation solution, streamlining workflows, enhancing reconciliation, and improving business operational efficiency.


Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Automation Software

Get paid 3x faster

Accelerate your cash flow and expand your business by leveraging AR automation solutions. Provide payment reminders and payment links for receiving payments three times faster.

Accurate AR bookkeeping

Leveraging AR automation streamlines the accounts receivable process. This ensures efficient invoice automation for precise reconciliation and accurate reporting.

Manage receivables effectively

Streamline your AR process with our accounts receivable automation solution. Generate estimates, invoices, e-way bills, and more effortlessly to boost business receivables and accelerate growth.

Seamless integration

Achieve enhanced financial control through the seamless integration of Zoho Books and Tally. This allows you to optimize your financial management and ensure efficient and precise automation of your accounts receivable processes.

Unveiling The Power Of OPEN's AR Automation

End-to-End Invoice Management

Achieve full-spectrum invoice management with OPEN's accounts receivable automation software. Easily handle estimates, sales orders, delivery challan, invoices, and credit notes and ensure seamless GST e-filing and e-invoicing for comprehensive control and compliance.

Send Invoices with Payment Links.

Conveniently find outstanding invoices and send reminders via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Simplify your accounts receivable reconciliation by sending invoices with payment links, and facilitating convenient payment methods such as bank transfers, UPI, and credit cards.

Sync Invoices and Reconcile Payments with Ease.

Synchronize invoices created in accounting software with OPEN and vice versa. OPEN offers seamless integration with popular accounting solutions such as Tally, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics, facilitating effortless accounts receivable reconciliation processes for your convenience.

Maximise Receivables with Smart Insights

Receivables Aging Analysis

Get an overview of your outstanding receivables for periods ranging from 0-31 days to 90+ days. Reconcile, send reminders or payment links from the dashboard in one click.

Sales Register

Get a consolidated view of all your sales and GST across invoices, debit notes, delivery challans and more. Track status of receivables for each customer, along with details like date and place of supply.


Complete your receivables analysis with an overview of your net cashflow report. Get a summary of payments and refunds received for specific or across all bank accounts combined.

All-in-one Platform to Manage Your Business Finances

Open is an end-to-end business payments platform that lets you create bills and invoices, manage spends, pay vendors and reconcile payments by connecting your bank accounts and accounting software.

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