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Simplify payroll processing, ensure compliance, and efficiently manage employee salary disbursement using our comprehensive payroll management system. OPEN Payroll stands out by providing the convenience of processing salaries directly through the current bank account linked to the platform.

HR & Payroll Management; Compliance Control Made Easy

Direct Salary Payment

Pay your employees directly from OPEN in an efficient, secure, and hassle-free process. Ensure your employees get paid accurately and on time.

Leave Management

Employee Lifecycle



Reduce Overheads with Employee Self-Service App

Payslips & Reports

OPEN employee payroll management system allows you to release payslips in various formats for your employees. Employees can view pay slips, year-to-date salary reports, and Form 16 right from their mobile.

Income Tax Planner

Utilizing the payroll processing software, employees can efficiently plan and submit their tax declarations online, ensuring they take home the maximum salary possible.

Leave Management

With our advanced employee leave and payroll management system, staff members can effortlessly submit leave requests online, while managers can swiftly approve them at the push of a button.

Complete Employee Data

OPEN is a payroll management software that empowers employees to access their profile information, encompassing details about their managers, salary increments, and data maintained by the company.

Transfer Salary to Employees' Bank Accounts Directly from OPEN Payroll

Simplify payroll with automated calculations, seamless payment file uploads, no more bank visits, and easy salary disbursements. Effortlessly streamline payroll operations by integrating payroll processing software for smoother payment management.

Efficient Payroll Software Solutions: Your Ultimate HRMS and Payroll Partner

MIS Reports

Access valuable insights effortlessly through MIS reports, covering attendance, leave management, attrition, loans, expenses, and more, using our payroll management software.

Letters and Forms

Effortlessly create formal employee communications, such as offer letters, using customizable templates within our payroll software system.

Document Management

Safeguard your employee records, including address proof and experience letters, with our robust cloud-based payroll system software, ensuring full compliance with payroll processing services.

Shift Management

Establish your shift and overtime guidelines and enjoy the effortless automation of attendance, leave, and overtime calculations with OPEN payroll management software.

Flexible Benefits

Empower employees to select from a range of benefits and allowances through a structured document submission and approval process, streamlined by our payroll system software.

Continuous Compliance Updates

Experience seamless compliance with real-time integration of statutory labor law changes into payroll calculations with our advanced payroll system software.

Role Based Profiles

Grant role-based access to auditors, managers, and HR personnel, allowing them to access employee data according to their specific requirements within your payroll management software.

Bulk Upload for Master Data

Experience seamless integration with OPEN's comprehensive payroll system software, enabling efficient bulk upload of all employee information at once, including attendance data, leave management, and compliance services.

Support and Tutorials

Start using OPEN's payroll management software effortlessly, thanks to its intuitive user interface and the availability of comprehensive help manuals and tutorials, allowing you to get started quickly.

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