Smart, Simple Accounting For Growing Businesses

Stay on top of your finances, anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based accounting software. Maintain accurate books of accounts easily, with automated accounting and tax calculations.


Automate accounting and cashflow management

Reduce manual entries and errors, and simplify cashflow management with end-to-end accounting automation:

Connect bank accounts with Open for seamless banking updates and reconciliation

Save hours on manual bookkeeping with the automated categorisation of receivables and payables

Schedule recurring transactions, track dues easily and send out reminders in a few clicks


Give role-based access to accountants, employees

Save hours every week on chasing receipts or generating financial reports with our role-based access:

Allow employees to easily submit bills and expenses for approval using WhatsApp or Bill Inbox

Give external bookkeepers or accountants limited access to financial reports

Stay on top of all updates or actions anytime, anywhere with OPEN


Integrate business tools for complete control

Stay on top of all financial transactions by integrating your business tools with Open accounting:

Get built-in integration with powerful payroll and spend management solutions

Easily integrate your Amazon seller account for real-time updates on sales and receivables


Automate GST and TDS returns

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing tax calculations and tax portals separately. Automate GST calculations, push transactions and file returns seamlessly to the GST portal from Open. Enable automated TDS calculation, deduction and filing and save hours of manual effort.

Improve cashflow visibility and control

Stay updated on your cashflow and all financial transactions, and avoid unnecessary interruptions to your business:

Get a dashboard view of all bank balances, receivables and payables in one place

Get all required reports like Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheets, GST reports, etc.



On-time returns filing

Open automatically calculates your GST liability and enables you to push transactions to the GST portal and file returns. Apart from GST, you can also file your TDS returns directly from the platform.


Simplify accounting practice management with Open for Accountants

Get a practice-wide overview of all client dashboards

Sync transactions, import books and download reports

Manage tasks, send reminders to teams & clients

Integrate with your email and easily assign tasks


Smart Accounting, Powered By Connected Banking And Payments


Import or create a Chart of Accounts to match your business.


Track and categorise income and expenses easily


Connect bank accounts and reconcile transactions in minutes


Create, send and collect payments on GST-compliant invoices


Create, pay and reconcile bills from connected bank accounts easily


Generate all mandatory financial reports in a few clicks.

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