In India, the market size for travel and expense management solutions aimed at SMEs and MSMEs alone approximately amounted to $1 Billion in 2018. A number that shouldn’t come as a shock as business trips & meetings are where the real deals are done.

But are business trips and meetings just all about dining at fancy restaurants and travelling business class? Yeah, I don’t think so too.

Let’s take a look at what happens once you are back from that trip.

You’re swamped with receipts (even after losing a ton of them on the go) and reimbursement excel sheets. And your finance team is forced to put up with the great pain of matching every expense manually; especially those cash payments that you made on the trip.

According to a recent PayStream Advisors report, it costs an organisation an average of $34.92 to manually process an expense claim. On the other hand, putting a fully-automated expense management system into action, pulls down the cost to $8.98.

And that’s exactly what Open does — it lets you ace through all your expensing problems.

Curious as to how? — let’s take a closer look

Introducing our Showstopper: The Open Business Card!

Say you’re M & The Ambassador of Micronesia has called in MI6 for assistance.

And you decide to send your best agent, James Bond, to meet a crucial asset to decode the case.

Now, when it comes to such important missions, you know nothing can go wrong.

You handout the Open Business Card to Bond to charm his way through the deal.

Now Bond knows nothing gets people talking like a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred). So, he orders two and gets straight down to business.

20 mins of smooth talk and the job’s done. (After all, you don’t trust him blindly for anything!)

Bond calls the waiter over, pulls out the Open Business Card, and swipes it like a smooth cruise. (because you can swipe your Open Card at any place that accepts VISA)

Instantly, a message pops up on his WhatsApp asking him to reply with a photo of the receipt. Bond takes a picture and uploads it in a second.

All of this is done in less than a minute! Bond’s speed, right?

Now, he just has to take a minute more to login into his dashboard, choose the receipt and send it to you for approval. (Bond knows you like to be in the loop about the smallest of details)

You approve the expense on MI6’s Open dashboard, and ring Bond up as he has charmed his way yet again through this meeting!

That’s how business is done! The 007 way! And well, the Open way!

With Open’s expense management, you can do a lot more! 😎

Open is a one-stop platform that lets you manage all your business banking needs at ease with an all-powerful business current account. You can not only automate your expense report workflows & get real-time visibility and control over your team’s spend but enjoy automated accounting, bookkeeping & a lot more. 

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Suhani Jain

Suhani Jain

Writer| Traveller| Foodie| Potterhead| Content Marketer at Open