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Let’s face it, startups have it tough. We’re always in a race against time to crush those deadlines. And managing our business expenses by switching between multiple platforms becomes just another hurdle to cross.

Though there are various banking & accounting solutions out there, all of them exist in a silo. And rather than making things easier, they overburden us with more manual work.

Yet, we all go about living our life with them.

Well, I did too. Until I came across Open & their idea of an all-powerful business banking platform that offers everything from bulk payouts to automated accounting & all that’s in between.

So I dug deeper about Open & met Anish to understand the big picture. His thought of building a business banking platform with integrated expense management really stuck with me. One that empowers you & your team to manage your expenses with ease.

And I am so excited that our ultimate expense management integrated with Open account is already loved by businesses.

But before we move on, let’s take a step back & look at what we set out to solve for businesses.

Managing your team’s spend is a hassle — We feel you

Over the past few months, I’ve interacted with various business owners to understand the challenges they face in managing their business expenses. One thing that was a major nightmare for all of them was managing their team’s spend.

And I couldn’t agree more.

And having to lead a team, I understand what a nerve-racking pain it is to manually go through each receipt & approve the reimbursements.

And it’s the same for my teammates too. Once, they’re back after cracking a crucial business deal, all they want is to be treated like a star. But in reality, they have to go through the burden of filing those meeting expenses.

Now, if only I could empower my team with a prepaid expense card.

Unveiling the showstopper

We at Open are all about making bold decisions and bringing radically better experiences to our users. And the Open Business Card is no exception.

It’s a prepaid debit card that you can hand out to your teammates. Just load it from your Open Account in minutes, set limits & get a boss-level view of your team’s spend.

Whenever your teammates swipe their Open card, they’ll get a WhatsApp notification. All they’ve got to do is reply with a snap of their receipt & it’ll waiting for them on their Open dashboard, the next time they log in.

File your expenses easily with Open

As for those times when they end up paying out of their pockets, they can add those expenses on their Open dashboard in a click.

Once that’s done, they can add the expenses to a report & send it for approval. You can approve them in seconds & their reimbursements will be credited in their bank account.

Hold your breath — We’re not done yet.

In case you or one of your teammates lose the Open card or notice any unauthorized activity — you can lock the card in a click. And at any point — if you want to start swiping again, simply Unlock & you’re all set.

It’s the Smartest Card for a reason

The Open Business card is an expense card that comes integrated with banking & accounting — just the way you’ve always wanted. You can finally have a boss level view of your business finances.

Not only that, but you can also generate expense reports as soon as you start swiping. These will give you analytical insights into your overall business expenses. On top of that, those hectic audits & compliance will now become a breeze.

Our story’s just begun

We at Open hustle every day to build an even more seamless banking experience for you.

And we’ll soon be unveiling Open Founders Card — India’s first credit card designed exclusively for startup entrepreneurs. One that’ll let you pay off your digital expenses without breaking the bank. And offer rewards that make perfect sense for your business.

Till you get your hands on that, go ahead & make managing your team’s expenses a cake-walk.

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The Open business account comes with a VISA business card that combines banking, payments, accounting, expense management & taxes, in one place.

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