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Looking to run a successful campaign and grow your business reach? 

Running a business is quite a task with the amount of multi-tasking and firefighting one needs to do! Add to that the hassle of learning something entirely new. Understanding how ads work, targeting the right people, what location to choose, what keywords to use, and more. Creating advertising campaigns from scratch for Google Ads, and tracking these campaigns to optimize them can be quite daunting for you.

Even if you somehow manage to do all of it, what if, after you run the ad, you notice that you’ve made a mistake or missed out on relevant information. That, in turn, will cost you time and money. And what can tend to be more disappointing is the confusion it may create for your prospective leads.

So what do you do next? 

While yes, you can pause your existing ad campaign or choose to edit it. Either way, it’s going to affect your ad performance, and that’s the real bummer. 

And if you are a young and upcoming business or are growing at a fast pace — you may need to run multiple ad campaigns at one go. Adding to this, if you have a short-staffed team, working on ad copy, keywords, metrics for the same can be overwhelming. 

According to sources, 81% of Google’s total revenue comes from advertising. 

This suggests that Google Ads is among the most preferred channels on a global scale for businesses to run ad campaigns. 

Now, what if we tell you that you can move away from the complexity of running ad campaigns? 

With OpenAds, you can run ads on Google and amplify your business reach the easy way. 

What are OpenAds? 

OpenAds is an AI-driven platform that enables businesses to reach and engage with relevant audiences through smart campaigns on Google seamlessly. So no more worrying about adding post copy or relevant keywords to reach your TG. Once you add the basic details, the entire campaign will be executed within the budget set by you. And you can go live instantly! On top of this, you can view the insights on your ad campaign and avail exclusive benefits customized for your business.  

A quick glimpse of the benefits of using OpenAds 

→ The seamless user experience of running ads

Instead of running to multiple teams and briefing them on an ad requirement, you can create, manage, edit, and more with OpenAds by automating the entire process. 

Attract the right target audience and boost your conversion rate — move away from the additional marketing costs or worry about optimizing your campaigns manually.

→ Quick resolution

From creating new ad campaigns to viewing the engagement, linking your ad campaign with your social media channels or scheduling the posts — OpenAds has quick resolutions to ensure that the ads go live as per your requirements. 

→ Automated AI engine 

With the automated AI engine, you can define the geography, location and customize the digital ad for your target audience without any manual intervention. And save time spent on research and development. All in all, running a Google ad campaign becomes a smooth sailing process. 

There you have it. We’re building OpenAds to help small businesses run digital ads on Google like a breeze. And now that we’re live, we thought of giving you a little glimpse of how you can simplify the way you run Google ads for business.

If you’re among the few who haven’t signed up on Open, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Get started today and explore the ease of bringing your business banking and finances together in no time. And explore the AppStore to take your business to a whole new level. 


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